The Extras:

Here are a few of the extras that we have included in the Write Your Own Ticket! course. We’ve added these extras because they really enhance the course and add to your skills and your career in becoming a Professional Group Travel Organizer.

Bonus #1

We’ve included extra information showing you how you can quickly and easily obtain your own travel agent credentials, giving you all the advantages and discounts of an industry insider (Travel agent credentials are not required to be a successful Group Travel Organizer, but they are a nice extra). The value of this information alone could be worth thousands of dollars in earnings and savings to you in a lifetime.

Bonus #2

We’ve included extra information on how to make great money doing individual bookings on Luxury Cruises. Once people learn that you are in the travel business, it is not unusual for them to start asking you to help them book a cruise. This has nothing to do with leisure group travel, but it can be very easy money! Once again, this information can be worth thousands of dollars in very little time!

Bonus #3

Imagine having direct access to the same contacts and suppliers that all the top group travel organizers use! That is exactly what you will get with our extensive Group Travel personal contacts directory and reference guide!

You will be able to utilize this throughout your entire travel career! This represents over 40 years of extensive travel business experience.

Again…You will have direct access to work with the exact same people that all the top professional group travel organizers work with on a daily basis! This directory sells for $349.00.


Personal 1-on-1 Support! Our ultimate goal is for you to become a major success! That is why for a very limited amount of students, we will provide personal one-on-one support, straight from Mark Ewing himself, or one of his highly trained staff, to help you on your first trip!! This is one on one personal support at the highest level! You will even get our personal telephone numbers!


Imagine being able to consult directly with Mark Ewing and his staff when you are planning your very first trip! Once you have completed the course, and filled out the simple yet powerful Tactical Plan of Action, you will be able to do just that! Through a special added section of the course called the “Support Station”.

However, please be warned: Because I still want to have time to vacation and travel myself, I am limiting this bonus to just the next 250 students. I expect that these 250 student slots with the “Support Station” will fill up very quickly — so if you’re interested, I highly advise you to claim your slot immediately. If you come back tomorrow, or even later today, and find that this offer is gone, then you will have missed your chance at this golden opportunity because all the slots have been taken! I’m sticking to this!

The Results:

When you have taken full advantage everything that is offered by this course, you will receive one of the biggest gifts of all:

The entire WORLD will be yours!

When you study the information in the “Write Your Own Ticket Course!” You will be learning a whole new set of empowering skills that no one can ever take away from you. You will know how to travel in style for free, fun, and profit to anywhere you want to go! You will know how to do this for the rest of your life!